Triathlon training in offseason

The last few months have been the most important months of the year for most triathletes. Training all year for that one race or a few ones in the summer. It is very important not to stop training or to loose grip in the winter. And this is slightly more difficult for triathletes, than it is for athletes who “only” practice one sport.

In addition, the winter weather is not particular motivating neither. Earlier I wrote an article with tips for triathlon training in offseason, this article is specifically about keeping track and improving cycling and swimming condition and technique in offseason.

Offseason training in the endless pool

Tri-PT Studio proudly presents our endless pool. We opened in October 2019 and our endless pool was also opened. This pool makes it possible to swim endlessly throughout the year. The dimensions of this bath are approximately 520 cm by 240 cm.

One of the big advantages of the endless pool is that there are no turning points while swimming. This allows the swimming technique to be analysed very closely and thereby also be improved. In general, swimming training in an endless pool is around 20% to 30% more effective than in a regular swimming pool.

How does the endless pool work?

At the “front” of the pool is a motor that ensures that there is a current in the endless pool. The speed and power of this current can be adjusted completely as desired. This ensures that both experienced swimmers and beginners benefit from using an endless pool during the training sessions.

The current is wider than the width of the swimmer and deeper than dept of the swimmer itself. The water reaches the back of the pool through and along the swimmer. The water is then pushed back from both sides to the “front” of the swimming pool, where it is pushed back towards the swimmer. This circulation ensures as little turbulence as possible, while making optimum use of the power of the endless pool.

Training in the endless pool

Curious about how you will enjoy swimming in an endless pool? During a training in the endless pool of Tri-PT Studio you will be guided by highly qualified trainers. In addition to coaching during and after swimming, you will also receive video footage of the session and a detailed analysis. This allows you to get started yourself after training in the endless pool.

Tri-PT Studio is easy to reach and accessible to athletes of every level. In front of the door there is the possibility to park for free. The studio is also easily accessible by public transport. We are located next to the Voorschoten station, where trains and buses stop.

Read more about the endless pool of Tri-PT Studio and make an appointment for a swim analysis.

Cycling in off season

It is fairly obvious that swimming in the fall and in the winter is not as easy as in the summer. Running and cycling can also be done indoors in almost every studio. What makes Tri-PT Studio so interesting for triathletes is the presence of the Wattbikes. These bikes are used to guide and support athletes through WattCycling. Below you can read more about why WattCycling is a solution for athletes who not only want to stay fit in the winter but also want to improve their level.

What is WattCycling?

The Wattbike is used for WattCycling. This is the most advanced indoor bike that exists. Athletes who use the Wattbike describe this as a real cycling experience. The unique thing about this indoor bike is that your performance is accurately measured and you receive continuous feedback from the Wattbike.

You don’t use WattCycling just to stay fit in the winter. It is precisely a method to take your cycling technique to the next level. For example, think about improving your kicking technique so that you can put more power. In addition to strength, efficiency is also central to the training.

WattCycling at Tri-PT Studio

It is possible to only train on the Wattbike or to do this as a group. The training sessions last around 80 minutes. Athletes can choose between a Tri / Endurance training that focuses on long bike rides and time trials, d ‘Huez for a combination of longer intervals and a low pedaling frequency with high resistance or High Intensity Training with many intervals and high intensity.

Each of these courses is specially designed to make a specific goal feasible. For those who do not have a specific goal in mind, there is a fourth option, a combination of all three courses.

There are various options with regard to subscription or ride card for WattCycling. Read more about WattCycling or contact Tri-PT Studio directly.

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