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Endless pool

Endless Pool Tri PT Studio

The endless pool makes it possible to experience swimming in open water, while offering the option to be optimally coached. There are no turning points or curves in the endless pool, which means that you can optimally work on the swimming technique. The pool is wider and longer than the average body height, giving athletes plenty of room to swim.

How does the endless pool work?

The endless pool makes it possible to cover long distances in a swimming pool of a few meters long. How? Due to the water stream of the endless pool, it is possible to determine the resistance yourself. This allows the swimming speed to be adjusted to your own preference. The trainer keeps a close eye on the swimmer and more importantly the swimming technique. In this way, it can be determined where the swimmer has to adjust the technique in order to achieve better results.

Improve your swimming technique

Our endless pool is used to fine tune the swimming technique of our athletes. The feedback of our skilled coaches combined with video footage helps to  obtain extra insights to improve your strokes.

Who could use the endless pool?

Tri-PT Studio has an endless pool especially for those triathletes and swimming enthusiasts who want to fine-tune their technique. While it’s mainly these first two groups who use the endless pool, it’s not only triathletes that benefit from swimming coaching in the endless pool. Swimmers of all levels benefit from this training.


The training session will always be a 1 on 1 session and will be recorded. After analyzing the video, we will determine what to work on. The swimmer himself has direct feedback from the 2 mirrors placed on the bottom of the pool.



Curious about how far you can push yourself? Do you want to test where you think your physical boundaries are? Triathlons are the ideal sport for you.

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Swim analysis (40 min.)€ 90,incl. video images and analysis
6 x swim analysis€ 425,-incl. 2x video images and analysis
Swim training (40 min.)€ 80,-incl. video images excl. analysis. Only for athletes that had an analysis before.
6 x swim training€ 399,-incl. video images excl. analysis. Only for athletes that had an analysis before.
Duo package (2 athletes)Both € 10,- discountAt least one of the athletes has to be new to the swim analyses.
  • Please cancel 24 hours prior to the session if you’re unable to attend.
  • If you cancel less then 24 hours prior you will be charged for the session.
  • You can cancel your session either by phone (call, text or WhatsApp) or e-mail.

Endless pool