Personal Trainer

Kiki Klein


Hi! My name is Kiki Klein and I live in beautiful Leiden with my partner, son Faas (2019) and daughter Jip (2021).

All my life I have been involved in sports. I used to play tennis, dance at a high level and later I made a trip to the hockey field.

During my first pregnancy I trained at Mom in Balance to stay fit under the guidance of a specialized trainer. The realization of the value of a trainer then started to grow in me. I was so enthusiastic that I eventually became a trainer myself at Mom in Balance and from there I started to develop myself into a personal trainer. I quit my office job, started writing to gyms to gain experience and I have now completed several courses and can call myself a personal trainer.

I love seeing people’s progress. In whatever form this may be. The process I will guide you through will be one with ups and downs, but I want to show you that this is all part of it. For me there is no right or wrong, it’s all about balance. And once that balance is there, you can achieve anything you want.