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In 2007 I completed my first triathlon, and that was it, I was hooked.
As a passionate triathlete, I have participated in many triathlons since then, and am a certified IRONMAN Coach for people of any level. Whether you want to complete a sprint range, a half or whole ironman, I’m here to coach you for your triathlon.


With Tri-PT Studio I want to make it possible for triathletes to be able to optimize all aspects of the triathlon under one roof. For example, the studio has an endless pool to perfect swimming techniques. I n addition to swimming training, Tri-PT Studio also stands for running and cycling training.

Personal and online triathlon coaching

In addition to the personal guidance, I use the Training Peaks Training Registration System.
Using this system I will create you a personalised training schedule based on your lifestyle.
Together, we will monitor your progress and I will guide you, incorporating your personal training goals into the plan too if you wish. For example, we adjust your training goals if necessary, in consultation of course.

Curious about how far you can push yourself? Do you want to test where you think your physical boundaries are? Triathlons are the ideal sport for you. Ask information without any obligation, feel free to ask!

Triathlon coaching

The essentials
89,50 Per 4 weeks
  • Online coaching
  • Personal coaching
  • No extras

Triathlon coaching

Strength training
142,50 Per 4 weeks
  • Online coaching
  • Personal coaching
  • 1 x per week small group strength training

Triathlon coaching

Swim analysis
145,00 Per 4 weeks
  • Online coaching
  • Personal coaching
  • 1 x per 4 weeks swimming analysis

Triathlon package

225,- Per 4 weeks
  • Online coaching
  • Personal coaching
  • 1 x every 4 weeks swimming analysis
  • 4 x small group trianing

Achieve the best possible

triathlon results

Free intake

During the phone consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and see what Tri-PT Studio can do for you.