Gijs van Brink


The first years I started working out, my workout routine existed purely from strength training in the fitness. I really enjoyed this, especially after past experiences with team-sports and cardio training. Lifting weights was a welcome change in workouts, but I soon discovered that this was not my real passion.

The workout routine I was following bored me after three years of weight training. This motivated me to look for a greater challenge. It was around the same time that someone introduced me to outdoor training sessions called calisthenics, and I was inspired right away.

The people that showed me calisthenics performed the most impressive exercises, muscle-ups, handstands, human flags. I knew I wanted to be able to the same goals as they had. Ever since I have found my passion, in of movements and static holds.

It was further on that I started doing more flexibility and mobility workouts to achieve my goals more efficiently. I combined this with a new aquatinted love for bouldering, a form of sport climbing.

All of this made me really get into sports a lot. In the summer I started teaching outdoor TRX on the beach of Wassenaar. I teaching others what I had learned myself in the years before. The next step in my career was becoming personal training. I passed the tests and started giving personal training in a gym in Voorschoten. It was here where I really found my passion for teaching all the knowledge and skills that I have gained over the past years.

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