Personal Training

Cas Ong


I am Cas, in my early 30s and live in The Hague. From a young age, I have played sports. First football and later strength training. Because of my great and abiding interest in training and lifestyle, I decided to fully dedicate myself to personal training since 2022.

From non-athlete to athlete, everyone has their own unique goals. As a trainer, I offer the tools to achieve those goals. I look at a person as a whole and the possibilities to achieve the most sustainable results.

I became a personal trainer because I love giving people control over their own bodies and health. Although I have always seen myself as a sporty person, an office job combined with a busy social life meant that actual exercise fell by the wayside. At the time, I was almost always suffering from “ailments”.

By practising strength and cardio training again, I noticed that I was able to positively influence my condition and bring my health up to standard. With the busy lives many people have, this connection of physical exercise and health is easily forgotten. I like to help remind people of this through my workouts.

I am an EREPS 4 certified personal trainer. In my training sessions, I have an open attitude and no judgement. I offer a holistic approach, which means I look beyond the workouts themselves. In my training sessions, I take into account the following factors, among others:

  • Personal background
  • Work and social situation
  • Age or stage of life
  • Lifestyle
  • Injuries and illnesses

And I deploy these resources to achieve goals:

  • Mobility and strength training
  • Fitness training and breathing
  • Possibilities for nutritional advice
  • Possibly take measurements

The sessions are for everyone. From people struggling with illnesses, injuries, long periods of non-/never exercising or healthy ageing to footballers, hockey players or tennis players who want to take their skills to the next level.