Michiel Broekhuizen


I have been giving personal training since 2018, when I decided to quit my office job and focus on what has helped me lose weight in recent years. Until 2015 I was a fanatic water polo player and I started competitive swimming in my youth. In 2015 I also started triathlon with the aim of losing weight, almost 5 years later I completed several medium / long distance triathlons and I participated in the ITU Grand Final (short distance world championship). In 2018 I decided that I would be happier from a full-time career in sports. I quit my job and started as an independent triathlon coach and personal trainer.

As a Personal Trainer I focus specifically on people who want to get better at a sport, or want to start with this. So are you going to walk your first 5 km and you don’t know where to start? Or do you finally want to improve your personal record on the long distance triathlon? Then I will gladly help you. Weight loss, functional power and explosive power are part of this and help you achieve your goal.