Concetta Pichierri


I would like to introduce myself! Concetta Pichierri, I live in Stellendam with my husband Ruud.

In 1998 I completed my cooking education and I was a fan of the principle “Never trust a skinny cook”, in other words I was 25 kilos overweight and I needed to do something about it. AND I did. I developed a passion for all kinds of sports such as cycling, water skiing, sport climbing, mountain hiking and, in 2007, for running. I really liked this last sport, but fount it a bit boring. Because I already cycled, the step to triathlon seemed a logical one. I also went swimming and got really infected with the triathlon virus since 2009. Since then I have 6 full triathlons to my name, countless half triathlons and the necessary other distances.

Besides triathlon, I also love to run trails, I like to sit on my mountain bike for rough rides, I recently got a beach bike and I can be found in Crossfit box almost every day.

I also give training in boot camps, I provide running clinics and trail run training, I am active in the organization of Voorne’s Duin Trail and of course I coach triathletes. It is sometimes a shame that a day only has 24 hours, but my triathletes always come first!