WattCycling - Bij Tri-PT Studio in Voorschoten


Tri-PT Studio has the Wattbike to help athletes by technically reaching a higher level with the Wattcycling bike. The Wattbike is adjusted to your heart rate and power during these training sessions. This makes athletes able to improve cycling conditions and pedal techniques.

What is WattCycling?

By training at your own level and monitoring your results, a Tri-PT Studio specialist can give you the advice you need to cycle faster, better and more efficiently. The Wattbike is suitable for everyone, from beginners to professional triathletes. Everyone is able to train on their own ability and heart rate.

The special thing about training with a Wattbike is the amount of data that we can collect and anlyse. Performance is stored and analyzed, allowing the trainer to see where there are areas for improvement. This data is also available to store on your smartphone and to use yourself.

The Wattbike is the world’s first indoor bike that feels like riding a real bike, provides scientifically accurate training data and when coupled with the free ground-breaking software, becomes an incredible analysis tool for elite athletes and home users alike.

Launched in 2008, the Wattbike was signed off by the English Institute of Sport as being accurate, and is now endorsed by the UCI World Cycling Centre and England Rugby. The Wattbike has also been fully integrated into the UCI World Cycling Centre’s talent identification programme.

Start WattCycling?

Tri-PT Studio makes it possible for everyone to train with a Wattbike. The studio is located in Voorschoten, near the station. This makes Tri-PT Studio also easily accessible from the surrounding area, for example, Wassenaar, Leiden and The Hague.

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