Creating a training schedule for a triathlon

What is the best way of creating a training schedule for your first triathlon? Training for your first triathlon is not something that you should underestimate. It might just be that this will be the biggest sports achievement you will have up to now. How do you prepare for such an immense task? Putting together the right training schedule for your first triathlon is therefore extremely important. I have been participating in triathlons for more than a decade and would like to help you create a training schedule for your first triathlon!

Training by yourself or in a group

Do you like to train by yourself or do you prefer to workout with like-minded people? There are numerous triathlon clubs in the Netherlands. These clubs are formed so you can train together with other triathletes and find help from qualified triathlon coaches as well. In addition to the support and tips you can get from these triathlon clubs, another advantage is that the membership-costs at the Dutch Triathlon Federation are lower!

If you prefer to train by yourself, you can also do this while you benefit from the tips of a qualified triathlon coach. I started doing triathlons in 2007 and became infected with the triathlon virus. As a passionate triathlete, I have since participated in many triathlons and as an IRONMAN Certified Coach, I coach triathletes of every level. Whether it is a sprint distance, a half- or a full Ironman, I am there to guide you.

Put a schedule together and stick to it!

Set up a constructive training schedule for your triathlon together with your triathlon coach and more importantly, stick to it! Training for a triathlon is never easy but you will notice that it will only become harder once you won’t stick to the schedule.

Take account of the composition of your training schedule with the length of the triathlon. For example, a schedule for a sprint triathlon is different from a quarter or half triathlon.

The triathlon parts which you are less known with.

Weak parts are there to be improved! Are you an experienced cyclist that would like to start triathlons? Do not just practice the bicycle part. This may sound obvious, but it is natural that you do practice that what you like. So, make sure that you emphasize your weaker parts in your training schedule.

It is also important to start with technique and endurance training. When you have mastered the technique of all three parts (including the switches!) you can start integrating speed training in your schedule.

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It is not necessary for a triathlon to integrate a special diet into your training schedule. Of course, it is important to eat healthy and stay hydrated. I prefer to eat fresh, so no packages, microwave meals etc. Furthermore (very) much vegetables (stir fry or steaming), some fish or meat (rarely) and eggs or vegetarian.

As far as carbohydrates are concerned, I eat those mainly in the morning in the form of oatmeal (overnight oats… 😉) supplemented with linseed, fruit and cinnamon, during lunch in the form of legumes or (vegetarian) pasta and at dinner only vegetables and a protein source. Furthermore, some raw (unsalted) nuts and/or bananas spread throughout the day.

I always make sure that I get up well on the day of the race. I eat my breakfast 2.5 to 3 hours before the game. Read more about my diet before and during the competition. Ask your triathlon coach for more tips about triathlon nutrition.

Take your rest

It is important to calmly start training for a triathlon, this should also come back in your training schedule for your first triathlon. Do not overestimate yourself. Keep it realistic. Overestimating yourself creates unachievable goals and injuries! You can always increase the distance of your next triathlon, you’ll be doing a lot more of them, trust me 😉.

Another common mistake is thinking that more training will always get you better results. This is not necessarily true. Make sure you do not over train yourself. For example, 20 training hours per week are already too much, training 5 hours a week is enough!

In addition, it is also useful to schedule rest moments in your training schedule. This helps your muscles relax, giving you the chance to recover. The last week before the triathlon you can shorten the training sessions so that you can gain strength for a race day. You could increase the intensity of the shortened workouts. This helps you to start sharp and rested on your first triathlon.

A training schedule for your first triathlon?

Curious to know how far you can physically go? Do you want to discover where your sporting limit lies? Triathlon is the ideal sport to discover that. Request information without any obligation, questions are free! By clicking on an INFO button in the price tables you reach the contact form.


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  • An introductory meeting (face to face, or via facetime/ skype) – one-off additional cost of 25 euro.
  • From this, a personal schedule is developed for you.
  • The schedule will be shared via your (free) Training Peaks account
  • This package does not include feedback on your progress

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  • An introductory meeting (face to face, or via facetime/skype) – one-off additional cost of 25 euro.
  • This schedule is then evaluated weekly by me on the basis of your results, and will be altered where necessary.
  • Your schedule will be shared via your (free) Training Peaks account.
  • You can also do ‘field tests’ every 4 to 6 weeks, where we will assess your progress and add to the schedule where needed.


Both packages are available to be booked as 20 week plans, with the prices being € 205,- and € 275,- respectively.

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