HIT Training, Wattcycling

Chris Albers


My name is Chris Albers, born in Leiderdorp and currently living in Voorschoten. When I was nine years old, my grandfather gave me the tip to try rowing. He had always done this. Both he and his son, my uncle, rowed at a high level. After some insistence on his part, I started at the Leiden rowing club Die Leythe. I enjoyed playing sports there until I was seventeen, and even at competition level for the last two years. That’s where my passion for sport originated; train very hard in order to achieve great goals such as being able to participate in national championships and international competitions in, for example, Germany, Belgium and even China. At the age of seven I decided to stop rowing and started cycling and running. I still enjoy doing that now.

In addition to sports, I am currently studying in Amsterdam at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and I work in a restaurant to fill up some time and earn some extra pocket money.

My mother worked together with Paul at, it was then still called, Your Life. That is a gym in Voorschoten. When Paul heard that I am also a sports enthusiast, he asked me to start teaching WattCycle in his PT studio. I was immediately enthusiastic because it matched my hobby perfectly and it was easy to combine with school.

On Tuesday I give the HIT training sessions; popular interval workouts with a different theme every week. On Friday I give a training that I can fill in myself; sometimes this will be a HIT workout and other times it will be a workout more focused on endurance.

The Tri-PT studio is a beautiful place where both expertise and can be found for everyone who wants to develop in the field of sports. In short, the perfect place to get the most out of yourself physically.