Your Health. Every body is unique!

Your health is related to your hormones. Hormones control just about every process in your body and are in constant dialogue with your environment. Hormones get out of balance by an environment with lots of unhealthy food, too much stress, too little or too much exercise, too little sleep and too many toxic substances. Stress is the biggest hormone disruptor there is.

Being healthy and stressed for long periods of time never go together as a woman. Stress has a negative influence on the functioning of your intestines and the absorption of nutrients, among other things. Everything in your body is interrelated. If your intestines are not working properly, you can see this in your skin and if your immune system is not working properly, your brain may suffer.

Maybe some of you will recognize this: if you eat too many sweets or sugar, you can start to feel very tired or even depressed. You feel sluggish and certainly don’t feel like exercising. Of course, it’s important to address the causes that are causing you stress. One cause of stress for your body can be your diet. For example, a lot of sugar and/or too many meal times.

But also a lot of sports (extreme sports / endurance sports) or too many toxic substances in your diet. It is therefore very important to feed your body and all your organs well, so that they can ensure that your hormones remain in the best possible balance. By feeding your body well, your body will work for you. You feel good, have energy to exercise and feel good about yourself!

What you eat is information for all the cells in your body. Nutrition is so much more than just fuel. What I often see is that the body has nutritional deficiencies, for example by a one-sided eating pattern, too much processed food but especially too little food because you are on a diet. Such a body keeps asking for certain nutrients. This can also be the cause of binge eating or a strong craving for certain foods (chips, cookies, chocolate).

Eat and drink as nature gives us, so as many whole and unprocessed products as possible. Try to think about everything you eat or drink and whether it still looks like the product nature intended for us.

You are unique and your body is unique!

You may need something different today than you will in three months if you are in a stressful period. For this reason, I don’t believe in diets or eating plans. Most diets are based on restrictions. What you can’t eat. If you suddenly omit what you normally eat every day, you cause stress to your body (and this is exactly what we don’t want!). You can keep up a diet with willpower for a while but often not for very long. You naturally know what foods your body needs.

Many people have lost contact with their bodies. They control their body with their head and forget to feel. Always use your common sense and your intuition when it comes to food and learn to listen again to the signals your body is trying to tell you. Are you hungry? Then give and allow your body to receive nutrition!

For example, a piece of fruit with some unroasted nuts. Being hungry/appetite is also stress for your body. If you want to change your diet, focus on everything that is healthy and make sure you get as much of it as possible in the first place. Your body craves healthy food with a variety of nutrients.

If you would like some guidance on how to promote a healthy lifestyle or if you have hormonal, nutritional or stress related complaints, please contact me. I would love to help you with that. You can contact me through my website.

Healthy greetings! -Marieke Felicia- nutritionist

Introducing myself

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Marieke, 32 years old and mother of two children, Fay and Pim.

From the age of 17 I work in the health care sector. For the most part I have worked as a nurse in the LUMC. In addition, I have been a cyclist for a number of years. I noticed freedom! And from that point of view I started making my own choices. Because of this I also started on a different path. I have been a nutritionist for a number of years now and am now studying to be an orthomolecular therapist.

My clients know me as caring, involved, energetic and a positive personality. I am free in life, only do things that make my heart jump and what feels good.

As a nutritionist, I provide advice in the areas of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle (think stress, sleep, hormonal imbalances, gut health etc.). I do this from an orthomolecular and holistic point of view (seeing the body as a whole) where the person is central. I therefore do not only look at the complaints but mainly look for the cause of the complaints. Because health is more than the absence of disease.

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