Tri-PT Studio Swim-Run Clinic 24-07-2021

This sporty morning started at a beach near Vlietland. The Tri-PT Studio flag was already waving enthusiastically.
I am quite green in the triathlon world (train for my first race) and first met this group of people. It felt like a warm bath. All nice people. One of these people was walking around with a giant photo camera. This must be the famous photographer Paul is always talking about. A drone flew above us. The photos and the video that we have seen so far do not lie. Really beautiful images.

After putting ourselves in wetsuits and wearing a yellow or pink swimming cap from Tri-PT Studio, we entered the water. After putting ourselves in wetsuits and wearing a yellow or pink swimming cap from Tri-PT Studio, we entered the water. Which would mean we might not get out of the water with the same number of athletes as we went in. Or not with the same number of limbs per person. But yes, life is not without risks, so go into the water anyway.

Swimming in open water is not the same as swimming in a pool. The two biggest differences:
1: you can’t see anything in open water. And if you were to see something, it must have seen you first.
2: no straight line on the bottom to follow.
Michiel therefore demonstrated two ways in which you can see where you are swimming during the front crawl in open water. Looking low or looking high. It looked very smooth and easy. Unlike when you try it yourself. In my case at least.

We also learned how to swim around a buoy as efficiently as possible in various ways, avoiding or pushing your neighbor to the side in a professional manner. Very impressive to see. We also practiced this. Paul acted as an extra buoy while doing a perfect imitation of a catfish.

Because swimming in a group, such as during a triathlon, is different from swimming alone, we have finally practiced swimming very closely together. And into each other… And through each other…
In short: It was educational and above all a lot of fun!

After an hour in the water it was time for the Concetta run clinic.
Somewhat relieved on dry land because I feel like a fish in water in running shoes, as opposed to the still somewhat awkward lake, Concetta showed us the intricacies of the running business.

From the benefits that a good arm deployment can offer to a cadence with a fast cadence. They seem like small details, but as in all three triathlon elements, the secret lies in those nuances. Because with an elbow stroke of 25 per minute in the water, a cadence of 80 per minute on the bike and a cadence of 180 on the road, all those tips from Michiel, Paul and Concetta make all the difference in an hour-long race.

We ended the morning on the cozy terrace of the Waterfront restaurant. The unmissable third half…

Thank you very much for the organization and fun.

Mirjam Graat

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