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You do not only want to improve your fitness or at least maintain it, but this also applies to your movement patterns. In our situation (man and woman both 76 years old) this is the case. As the years go by, the musculoskeletal system becomes more difficult. During my (Els) swimming training at the TTL triathlon club, this came up with Paul our trainer.
I had not been going so well for a while and asked him about his company. He enthusiastically talked about his Personal Training Center in which he even has a swimming pool for triathletes to improve the stroke of learning the crawl stroke. He advised me to go to his Tri-PT studio.
You have to follow good advice, and it turned out to be very good advice. I was “matched” to his son Gijs. What is very important to me that there is soft or rather no music. This was not an issue for Gijs. Customer is king! After doing exercises for a few weeks, I got so excited that I got my hubby too. (He has been struggling with his hip and leg for a long time). Now we have been together for quite some time in a pleasant and harsh manner (of course, results must be achieved) by Gijs.
We think he is a nice person and are making good progress with him. We are happy to continue for the time being.
Els and Jacob

Els and Jacob – Gijs van Brink

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