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“Surprising benefits! Not a waste of time! A must have for anyone who wants to improve performance and yet feel relaxed! Why does the community not talk more about that discipline?” These would be the words that come to mind about flexibility and mobility sessions.

I have been practicing full distance triathlons for several years now, and I always dismissed mobility exercises, thinking it would be a waste of time… But I was so wrong… I started flexibility sessions with Gijs once a week a few months ago and I quickly saw surprising benefits.

On the bike: laying on the aero-bars is now very comfortable, with no more pain on the neck. I never thought I would enjoy the tri-bike that much. Hips are more free and relaxed, which allows to push harder while saving energy. On the run, the glutes don’t get stiff as the hips remain relaxed. In the swim, shoulders are more free, and breathing became easier. No more body builded feeling at the end of a distance.

Gijs has a sharp eye and quickly identifies what needs work. The sessions are adapted to the athlete, with combined exercises, and he pushes enough to be challenging, yet prevents from going too far. Position is important, and I feel confident, as he checks and corrects what needs to be.

All in all, I wonder why I did not start before. It is a must, and there are specific but easy exercises that make everything different! I am looking forward to the future races. Thank you so much for your help.

Frederic – Gijs van Brink

Frederic – Gijs van Brink

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