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“My collaboration with Paul had one specific main goal: running the Chicago 2018 marathon under 4.5 hours. In addition, I wanted to improve my individual times in a quarter triathlon.

We discussed the possibilities in a pleasant and personal introduction meeting.

The focus was initially on a complete training schedule in running, swimming and cycling. The preparation for the marathon only started 16 weeks before the marathon.

Such a schedule is ideal for me. Every day I know where I stand and carry out every assignment, knowing that I did not, Paul wanted to have a reason. My stick behind the door. The fact that all training sessions were registered in TrainingPeak, that I could download them in Garmin and that Paul was watching worked perfectly for me.

The training sessions were sometimes tough but needed if I wanted to achieve the intended result. And it worked: the marathon ran in 4 hours 28 minutes in not too good weather conditions.

Paul is a super good trainer. I could always reach him for advice on Whatsapp and that was the most important thing to me and the safety I needed to perform better.

I enjoyed our collaboration and would like to come back as soon as my participation in the Boston Marathon is a fact.

Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. ”


Marie Louise – Paul van Brink

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