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Tri-PT Studio - The triathlon and personal training studio in Voorschoten

Tri PT studio

Tri-PT Studio Voorschoten

Tri PT Studio is where triathletes and athletes from Voorschoten and the surrounding area can come together. The studio is focused on those that want to take their sporting performance to a higher level. Choose for one-on-one coaching from certified experience experts or opt for group lessons.

Personal trainers Tri-PT Studio

Tri PT studio

Triathlon studio

The endless pool is unique in the area. Especially for triathlon lovers, Tri-PT Studio offers the option to optimise your swimming technique. In addition to the swimming aspect, the other disciplines of the triathlon are also extensively discussed.

Personal training

Not only triathletes are welcome at Tri-PT Studio. In addition to endurance sports, the focus is also on personal training. During these training sessions it is possible to achieve specific goals or learn new skills one-on-one or several people at the same time.

Tri PT studio
Endless pool

Endless pool

The endless pool makes it possible to experience swimming in open water, while offering the option to be optimally coached. There are no turning points or curves in the endless pool, which means that you can optimally work on the swimming technique.


Tri-PT Studio has the Wattbike to help athletes by technically reaching a higher level with the WattCycling bike. Improve your cycling technique with WattCycling.


Mobility training

Mobility training is used to increase freedom of movement. You do this by developing flexibility, stability and strength in your joints and muscles. Read more about mobility training.

Sport fasting

Sports fasting is a great way to give yourself a new boost, to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Sport fasting is not a diet, but a 10-day training method


Tri PT Studio in Voorschoten

Accessibility was a decisive factor when a location for Tri PT Studio was selected. The studio is located next to Voorschoten Station, making it easy to reach by public transport. Parking is free at the parking lot next to Tri PT Studio. The studio is easily accessible from Wassenaar, Leiden, Leidschendam, The Hague and the surrounding area.


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